Thursday, April 5, 2018

Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY 05 Apr 18 Bilge Flush

05 Apr 18:

At one point someone stored SMEDLEY on the ground and there was mud in the bottom of both bilges. We decided to see how much today, so we used a garden hose to give the bilges a fresh water rinse. We're not sure why the transom drain holes are so big but they came in handy today. We rinsed out the aft section first, then lowered the tongue of the trailer to get water up front. Raised the tongue and a little more mud came out from ahead of the flotation styrofoam that is just behind the centerboard trunks.

Caution: Viewer Discretion is advised, disturbing images follow :)

This little fiberglass hanger fell off of a backer block/plate somewhere, we'll try to figure that out and make sure the backer plate/block is still intact. That strip is used to hold the plate in place inside the hull while fasteners are being driven.

Here's a shot of the flotation foam, just behind the centerboard trunk. It has a nice linber hole carved into the bottom so water can drain aft.


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