Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunfish Rigging

West Marine is having a 25 percent discount sale on rope this month, so we went by their store in Ft Walton Beach and picked up 25 feet of 3/16 inch sta-set line for a halyard, red and blue fleck. Also 25 feet of 5/16 inch sta-set line for the mainsheet, we like ours just a little smaller for hand grip and also goes through boom blocks and cleat better when new. And 8 feet of 3/16 inch shock cord with 2 shock cord hooks for the daggerboard retainer. I already had a 50 foot piece of New England 1/8 inch rope at home that I have been cutting up for for outhauls. It would also make good daggerboard retainer line if the daggerboard still has the old style brass spring.
I normally can get a complete line kit from Yankee Boating Center for $49.99 plus shipping. The West Marine sale price was 75 cents a foot for the sheet and 43 cents a foot for the halyard, so my total Sunfish rigging purchase out the door, with tax, was $45.63. Add in some money for gas and both line kits are about the same, so I am guessing YBC must be able to get a dealer discount on rope.

From Sunfish Sailboat

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