Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alcort Sailing Zip and Winnie 14 Jun 17

14 Jun 17:

1953 Alcort Sunfish Zip and 195? Alcort Standard Sailfish Winnie hit the high seas for a messabout today. As always it was a treat to rig these simple boats. Drop the mast through the gooseneck, raise the sail, clip the sheet, clip the daggerboard retainer and pin the rudder. Add a PFD and they're ready to go.

Skipper wore her new hat, a gift from WoodenBoat to commemorate the Relaunching of Winnie in 2016. They were both featured in WoodenBoat Magazine number 257.

Light winds, warm temps made for a peaceful sail. Both boats tacked and gybed beautifully. Winnie sailed with a longer Barrington style daggerboard and the extra 8 inches provided a nice foot rest for the Skipper. Her vintage silk sail sets beautifully and the elephant ear rudder answered the helm at every turn.

Zip cruised with ease, powered by a race cut sail from Schurr Sails Pensacola. Normally too much sail, it was perfect for the zephyr experienced today. She made a very stable camera platform and the cockpit provided a comfortable seating area.

Click here for Zip's Log

Click here for Winnie's Log

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