Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pete Culler's Boats by John Burke

Today's Classic. Pete Culler's Boats: The Complete Design Catalog by John Burke. Simplicity, economy and ease of use. If you want to learn about those design philosophies then check out this book by John Burke. First published in 1984 it became an instant classic. Appendix A alone is worth the read. From that we have picked up several tips that we are designing into "St. Jacques."

One of Pete Culler's favorite sayings: "Mostly, boatbuilding is simply correcting one mistake after the other, and possibly the first mistake is to begin....but it's so much fun." look at lapstrake methods, from preparation, tools, materials, plans, keel structure, planking, frames, centerboard and decks to finishing off the rig.

Burke, John. 1984. Pete Culler's boats: the complete design catalog. Camden, Me: International Marine Publishing.

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