Sunday, June 4, 2017

Small Boat Boat Hook

We wanted to have a small boat hook to grab a dock when we are coming in for landing. And to fend off boarders....Mostly to fend off boarders...saw one we liked on the Herreshoff dingy Gem from 1885, currently housed at the Herreshoff Marine Museum. (Off Center Harbor video).

First we bought a boat hook from WoodenBoat a few months back. We measured the outer diameter and set off to find a mostly ready handle. We looked at some tools to see if we could adapt a handle and found a nice ash shovel handle at Lowes. Brought it back to the Boat Works and cut it down to size. I used the jigsaw to start a nice groove that matched the outer diameter of the hook and then the rasp to take off a lot of material next to the groove. The belt sander came next to remove the rest of the material and smooth the point. After that we used the random orbital sander to get rid of the finish and logo. Jamestown Distributors TotalBoat Wood Sealer and 2 coats of TotalBoat Gleam Satin varnish were applied, and finally the hook was attached with 2 silicone bronze screws.

Can't wait to try it out!

(Image: Off Center Harbor).

(Image: Off Center Harbor).

Sea Trials.

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