Sunday, June 4, 2017

St. Jacques Log 04 Jun 17 Rub Rail and Hull Paint

04 Jun 17:

I spent a few days trying to figure out the best way to make a rub rail for the sheer strake, then decided to go up to Lowes and see if they had something fun that was already made. We found a nice piece of low profile pine with a triple bead. Perfect! Brought it back to the Boat Works and sealed it up with Jamestown Distributors Total Boat Wood Sealer. Then we fastened it to the sheer strake with TotalBoat THIXO and had fun clamping it while it dried.

While we were fiddling with the strake we decided to try a stripe of Pettit EZPoxy Sea Foam Green. Thought a pop of color might be nice.

Turns out we liked the pop of color. A lot. My initial vision for the boat was a green hull with tanbark sails, like our Lugger Onkahye. So after a little discussion we decided to paint the entire hull.

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