Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 12 Jan 21 Second Coat Interlux Brightside

12 Jan 21:

Scuffed the first coat of Interlux Brightside Medium Blue on WAVE with 120 grit on a DeWALT 20V random orbital sander to give it some "tooth," as Capn  Jack would say. The sanding creates a profile that the second coat of paint can mechanically latch onto.

Second coat of Interlux Brightside Medium Blue, rolled with a Mighty Mini Roller and tipped with a 2 inch shorty handle sash brush designed for oil paints, softer bristles. Added deck chevron, one inch vinyl.

Capn Jack added this Blood Stripe to WAVE many years ago as tribute to my time in the Marine Corps as a NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) and Officer. Part of the stripe was removed with the Hurricane Sally damaged plank, it is hanging on the back wall and we'll make that into something fun to remember the resilience of our Armada, along with the flag from our pier. 

OBTW WAVE would like to be addressed as Sergeant WAVE now...

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