Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bagdad FL Riverfest 2016

We got an invite to bring some boats to the first Bagdad FL Riverfest. The park was built on the site of an old sawmill and has great access for canoes and kayaks. Our 1953 Sunfish Zip and 1950s Sailfish Winnie got to attend this year.

Road trip!

Our friend Murray brought his sailing canoe.

Fred brought his motor launch...

and his Penobscot 14...

and his Weekend Skiff...

Sydney worked on her scaled down Weekend Skiff.

A CLC 17 built by Richard was in attendance...

and Andy and Jeri brought out their Stauter 14 sSemi V.

It was a good time and we hope we get to go in 2017.

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