Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barbashela Log 24 May 16

24 May 16: Skipper removing remnants of the starboard garboard plank, caulking and square nails.

Skipper looking for waterline paint colors, she found some rusty brown under the grey.

We sprung a batten parallel to the top seam of the garboard in a fair curve up to stem, then took measurements every 2 feet from the bottom of the batten down to the bottom plank. Then we made a paper pattern and transferred the measurements to planking that was on the bending jig.

Skipper cutting the starboard garboard plak to rough shape.

Pulled measurements off the aft starboard plank by running a batten aft and measuring rise and run, and copied the measurements and forward piece onto a pattern for the port side.

Cut the port garboard from one board!

We took bevel angles at each station and transferred them to the bottom of the port garboard, then rough cut with a circular saw by changing the angle as we went. Then we trimmed the board on the boat by running an oscillating tool along the bottom, parallel to the bottom blank.

Trimmed the end of the plank with a Japanese pull saw.

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