Friday, May 6, 2016

Barbashela Log 06 May 16

06 May 16: Used the starboard side seat remnant and references the 1921 photo to make a copy for the port side, then fill in the middle with 3 sections. Boards will be trimmed to a gentle horseshoe shape.

First coat of paint for the seats.

07 May 16: Skipper laid down the "flood coat" of Valspar Ultra 4000 Interior/Exterior Alkyd Satin, has oil based paint qualities, offers good protection and seasoning for the cypress. The flood coat builds thickness, the next coat is a "show coat" that will show us what areas need fine tuning, then the "Finish coat" will be applied.

Cypress seat planks cut out, need to be planed to match thickness of surviving starboard side board, epoxied and trimmed to shape.

Used Pettit Flexpoxy to glue up the seat planks. Once they set up we trimmed to shape and rounded the edges. The I got epoxy in Skipper's hair.

New aft seat trimmed using 1921 photo as a reference.

Added a cleat underneath to keep the seat boards straight and connected. Epoxied as well with Pettit Flexpoxy.

First coat of alkyd enamel on the aft seat. Some titanium dioxide protection for Barbashela.

First coat of paint for the middle seat. And first layer of paint patina for the work deck!

Got at least one coat on the seats and seat risers, Valspar whipped apricot is the color. Also epoxied the scarfs on the starboard side sheer clamp and gunwale.

FMI: "Barabshela" a Rowboat of Captain Thomas Leathers' Design for Ms. Winnie Davis

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