Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zip Log 18 May 16

18 May 16:
1953 Alcort SunfishZip's bottom never got the full strip and paint, so we are going to spruce it up for the Bagdad Riverfest. Paint swatch test, we are going to use Rustoleum Topside marine paint Bright Red, which is the color on the right bow and a small stripe over the Interlux Brightside Fire Red. The oil base of the paint will help condition the wood.

Belt sander with a light touch, 40 grit then 120. The shop vac with a HEPA filter hooks up to the belt sander, plus I wore a mask, goggles, hat, gloves and a long sleeve shirt...and pants. Putty knife to scrape out seam compound and clear a groove for Pettit Flexpoxy.

Found a nice scarf on the port side bottom.

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