Wednesday, February 21, 2018

1971 AMF Alcort Sunfish SASSY

Sassy is a 1971 Sunfish with the "new style" rudder and triple stripes, with the stripes just on the foredeck. She did not have the storage compartment and her deck had a touch of cream color to it, went well with the deep red stripes and cockpit. She also had a nice old 5 panel Ratsey and Lapthorne sail. One interesting leak developed on SASSY after I had a hard time removing the old metal bailer. The seam between the cockpit tub and hull opened up, which lets water seep (or gush) into the hull. We fixed it by using a syringe to inject thickened epoxy into the gap, then lightly clamping while it dried.

The halyard cleat needed to be reinstalled, so we improvised for the test sail.

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