Monday, February 5, 2018

1979 Drascombe Dabber VICTORY 05 Feb 18 Oars and Rigging

05 Feb 18:

Cut a chunk of rot off of an oar and started shaping a scarf piece from cypress.

Cut the scarf angle first, tried to leave as much good material as possible, then cut one side of the profile.

Cut the other side of the profile then fastened the scarf piece with Pettit Flexpoxy.

Broke out the box of line from R&W Rope to work on running rigging. We like the vintage 3 strand line for this boat.

Hung the new rudder and rigged the main sheet.

Used a marlin hitch to attach the mizzen to its mast and the mainsail to the yardarm.

Main and jib.

West Country whip on the bosprit until we get a dowel

Added parrel beads to the gaff arm.

Rounded out the holes for the halyard fairleads. Not sure if that is how they are intended to be routed but it works for now.

Mizzen sheet rigging.

Centreplate uphaul

Forward rowing seat.

Restoration Log of VICTORY.

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