Saturday, February 3, 2018

1979 Drascombe Dabber VICTORY 03 Feb 18 Spar Restoration

03 Feb 18:

Sanded the mizzen mast shim and wiped on some teak oil.

Tried an epoxy repair on the tip of the mizzen mast, it was too soft to take a drill. So we cut a scarf piece from Douglas Fir, 12:1 scarf to replace the top 12 inches of the mizzen mast. Fastened the scarf with Pettit Flexpoxy.

Color coded the top of the mast to help me get it lined up correctly when I step it.

Sanded the spars with 120 grit on a random orbital sander. Stained the spars with Minwax Wood Stain Red Chestnut.

Restoration Log of Victory.

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