Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Syracuse Parts Delivery 06 Feb 18

06 Feb 18:

Our New York buddy Alan came through delivering Sunfish parts and picking up cash. We got a beautiful spare rudder blade, a set of spars for SUGAR 2 and a free gift, a 31 inch Sailfish daggerboard! I was so overcome with joy that I gave Alan an old ceramic tile file. Alan also dropped off a daggerboard and rudder for another local Sunfish sailor, but if the guy calls to pick it up, I'm going to say "Who's Alan?" Alan made the rudders and did a beautiful job, his trick is to put in stainless screws to reinforce some common stress areas, then plug the screw holes. He got the boat yard tour and at the end of the day we tried out another new rudder on SUGAR 2.

Alan made the two rudder blades and refinished the tiller and big daggerboard. The short daggerboard in ZIP's trunk measures 31 inches, the shorter boards were used on the early Alcort wooden Standard Sailfish, Super Sailfish and wooden Sunfish, and the early fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII. All of those boats had short trunks, the fiberglass Sunfih trunk grew several inches and the daggerboard did as well, out to about 39 inches on the "spoon tip" daggerboard. We have found that all of the early boats sail better with the longer daggerboards and "new" shape rudder (1971).

We have been building this rudder up for SUGAR 2, just installed the springs a day prior, and checked the fit. Also let SUGAR 2 see the spars that Alan brought down.

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