Sunday, January 7, 2018

Marine Traffic Control Strip Board

We wanted a way to keep track of which boats had sat the longest and needed to go kayaking/canoeing/sailing/motorboating/standuppaddling or needed maintenance/restoration. So we cut up some redwood and made a Marine Traffic Control strip board. The boats listed above SBR need work before they go back in the water, and of those listed the one at the top has sat the longest. The boat at the very bottom is the one that went out the most recent, so whatever rises to the top below the SBR strip goes out next.

Some would say we are "boat struck."

06 Jan 18:

Update: SBR strip removed, boats at bottom are in the restoration queue. Boat at top has been out most recent. Boat at bottom has been in the hangar shop the longest, possibly decades in the case of CHIP, SMEDLEY and ZSA ZSA.
Added 2017 Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES in May 2017.
Added 1979 Drascombe Dabber VICTORY and 1965 Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY in November 2017.
Returned BARBASHELA to Beauvoir Museum.
VIPER out for sea trials with new owner on 06 Jan 2018.

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