Friday, January 12, 2018

Drascombe Lugger ONKAHYE 12 JAN 18 Ramp Ready

12 Jan 18:

Rigged the boat to show what gear is on board and other notes about when we launch. But first we addressed a common problem, sometimes the stay swage eyes get flipped over the tang on the mast eye and we don't notice it until the mast is up. Then the mast comes back down.

We are going to try a 3mm keeper line to keep the swage eyes in the right spot.

First up is a glamor shot video without sailing gear, and sails set to point out a few things. We always check the sails on the trailer to ensure they deploy correctly when we leave the dock.

A roller furling jib comes in handy to get to and from the ramp.

Next up a video showing where the gear is stowed and sails ready for slipping off the trailer at the ramp.

Our Suzuki 6 outboard (kind of) needed to be shimmed so that it could be tilted all the way to the top latch notch. We added a shim under the top aft of the mount feet to tilt the mount back about 3/8th inch. We also added a 1/8th inch wear pad under the aft mount feet and another wear strip under the lock screws.


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