Saturday, January 6, 2018

1980 AMF Sunfish VIPER 06 Jan 18 Supersonic Sea Trials

06 Jan 18:

We got a call from some folks who wanted to buy VIPER, they had sailed Sunfish up around Hampton, VA and wanted a boat for their Florida home. Dozer and Scooter came by the Casa, we gave them the tour and they decided to buy the boat. We took it over to their bayside home by trailer and it is the first time we have delivered a boat where the new owner was waiting in his wetsuit, ready for sea trials!

The wind was pretty light on Saturday but it gave Dozer a chance to see how VIPER performed in light air. Flawlessly. He liked the higher rig for recreational sailing because it is pretty easy to duck the boom. Dozer has raced quite a bit so he will get the rig adjusted as need depending on how many prizes he wants to capture on the bay that day.


VIPER captured his first prize, a Hobie Holder 12.

The next day Dozer took VIPER out in 17-20 knots!

Dozer and Scooter are thrilled with the boat, and we couldn't be happier to know VIPER has a new pirate family.

Log of VIPER.

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