Sunday, January 7, 2018

1980 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 07 Jan 18

07 Jan 18:

VIPER sold! So SUGAR 2 came out from under the Sunfish Shack and reported for restoration duty as the "Moaning Chair Boat". When we restore boats, we have a Primary Boat and a Moaning Chair Boat. The Moaning Chair Boat is essential to have, the place where you stand and ponder what you have either just screwed up or are about to screw up on the Primary Boat. Where you stand to ponder your next moves on the Primary Boat, which in this instance is the Dabber VICTORY. Moaning Chair Boats come in all shapes and sizes and can be found next to favorite beverages.

We slid SUGAR 2 off of the carpenter benches straight onto the finishing dolly, and used the Odyssey to tow her around to the carriage house medicine wheel deck. Took a few photos to document her state before we continue the restoration. We had split the front seam back in 2015 in prep for the bow repair and bow handle backer block replacement. Overall she is in good shape, we might be able to save most of the gelcoat and find a nice sail to match. We have the rest of the bits to get her back out in her natural habitat.

SUGAR 2 is a 1980 boat like VIPER, built in Septmber by AMF.

New bow handle reporting for duty.

Walkaround assessment.

Rain coming, got SUGAR 2 covered up for a few days.

We might use the Sunfish 60th Anniversary sail, if we can find the blue-green version. Got any leads?

Log of SUGAR 2.

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