Wednesday, January 31, 2018

1979 Drascombe Dabber VICTORY 31 Jan 18 Rudder Blank

31 Jan 18:

We decided on cumaru (Peruvian teak) for the rudder to match the new floorboards, transom cap and forward rowing seat. We cut the radiused edges off of the deck boards on the table saw, then laid them out to see how many boards we need for the pattern. We'll need 4 planks, if I'd cut them more carefully I might have been able to get the rudder out of 3 planks.

While we were playing with patterns I checked Steve's bowsprit pattern against our bowsprit, I'd say that we were within 1/8th inch for most of the piece.

We edge glued the planks with Pettit Flexpoxy and clamped them lightly with bar clamps. Placed plastic underneath so they didn't glue themselves to the bench. The planks tried to cup so I clamped them down to the workbench as well.

Bought some Tufnol bling for the mainsheet, hopefully I got the correct configuration and size.

Restoration Log of VICTORY.

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