Sunday, January 21, 2018

1980 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 21 Jan 18 Bow Repair

21 Jan 18:

Sugar 2's bow was damaged during its yacht club duties, repaired and damaged again! How do you hit something that hard, twice?

We pulled out the random orbital sander with a 120 grit pad and decided to sand off the old stickers and registration numbers first. Also cleaned up the bow handle area, but we went light on the gelcoat, we are trying to save it vs painting.


After. That bare spot was already there, not sure what caused that.

1980 Hull ID Number.

Sanded and diamond filed the damaged area to remove broken fiberglass. We also sanded off excess polyester resin and old paint.

Before we closed up the hull we rolled the boat over a few times to listen for loose backer blocks, we like to remove those when we can reach them. I heard one smaller block rattling around inside, and thought it might be the halyard cleat or fairlead block.

Sure enough, the halyard cleat was loose, held in only by the screws through the fiberglass. We'll go ahead and add an inspection port to install the new backer and check the fairlead block while we are in there.

We put in the bow backer block, made from cypress and coated in epoxy and fastened with Pettit Flexpoxy and the bow handle screws. We also rebonded the deck to the hull with Flexpoxy and a strip of fiberglass in the seam, pictures to follow of all the clamps that we used.

Restoration Log of Sugar 2.

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