Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hanna Log 24 Dec 16 Lug Rig and Bridle

24 Dec 16:

In an effort to simplify rigging of the balanced lug sails, we added a snap shackle to the yard end of the halyard. Now it can be snapped on quickly to an eye that is permanently seized to the yard. Also added a line of parrel beads to hold the yard close to the mast when on a tack that has the wind on the mast side of the sail. We tied a 1/8 inch line around the yard with a bowline, strung 7 parrel beads, then put a snap shackle on the tail end of the line, with enough line for the shackle to come around the yard and grab the parrel bead line.

We alternate the side of the foremast and mainmast that the sails are on to have at least one sail flowing free of the mast on each tack, per Doug's suggestion. Having the snap shackle on the end of the halyard will help us keep sorted out which side the yard is attached. It kind of doesn't matter for most conditions if it gets swapped, but there are more trim options if the downhaul is on the side of the mast that has the lower cleat.

The rudder can be removed by sliding it up to clear the top gudgeon off of the pintle and then rotating it 90 degrees to clear the lower gudgeon. We are experimenting with making the bridle long enough to allow the tiller to clear without having to remove the bridle, but that might be too much.

Our son wanted a photo of the boat so I photobombed. We discussed painting the end of the planks on the transom to give the boat a classic lapstrake transom look. The planks are 3/8 inch and we may bump them up to 1/2 inch when we paint

Brought the foresail inside to work on the rigging, clean up the outhauls and reef lines a bit. Merry Christmas!

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