Tuesday, December 13, 2016

O'Day Daysailer II Topping Lift

Back in May 2013 we added a topping lift to our Daysailer mast. We wanted to keep the sail on the boat, wanted to use the boom to support a rain tarp and also wanted to keep the boom from dropping into the cockpit when the sail comes down. Most of the time we sail with a smaller main on sail slides, so that allows us to keep the sail on the boom.

Added a Harken micro cheek block to the top of the mast, secured with stainless screws.

Every time I get around line, my Navy ancestors like to mess with this Marine and here's what happens with the line. That's why the Marine Corps emblem's Eagle Globe and Anchor has a fouled line around it, to signify our maritime skills :)

50 feet of New England Rope's 1/8 inch nylon line, 2000 pound test. Sold in 50 foot packs at West Marine, usually hidden in a basket back with the other line.

Nylon cleat at base of the mast.

Used a small shackle to secure the lift to the boom. Also that say we added a small block for the outhaul so it will rig and adjust easier.

Topping lift makes a good place to host a yacht ensign. You can see the smaller main that we use, it has sail slides and we can get it up and down easier.

More info on Cyane.

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