Saturday, December 24, 2016

Geoff Kerr at Two Daughters Boatworks

We have picked up a lot of building tips while watching Geoof Kerr build a Caledonia Yawl in his 42 part series hosted by Off Center Harbor. One we used today was a tip on how to clean epoxy out of a centerboard case slot during assembly with part of a paint stick :) One we forgot was to drill the case log screw holes before assembly because drill clearance is tight once the case is built :/

(Image: Small Craft Advisor).

He also has a great video on the steps in the painting process.

From Off Center Harbor: "Geoff Kerr does business as Two Daughters Boatworks in Westford, Vermont, on New England’s “west coast.” His interest in boats began at age 16 with a Hurricane Island Outward Bound School course and continued as a Coast Guard officer. Geoff learned the trade later from Joe Youcha at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, where he served as shop foreman and instructor in that dynamic environment. In his present, one-man, full-service Vermont shop, Geoff does small-craft repairs and restorations, as well as new construction, specializing in Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawl. He has been affiliated with Chesapeake Light Craft since the company’s infancy, and is a licensed builder of their many designs, as well as an authorized and experienced instructor."

Off Center Harbor/Geoff Kerr

Off Center Harbor offers a lot of free content and more paid. I think the Caledonia Yawl series alone is well worth the cost of a one year membership. We enjoy the site so much that we bought the Life Membership. But you know we are a little boat struck :)

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