Friday, December 23, 2016

St. Jacques Log 23 Dec 16 CB Case

23 Dec 16:

Cut the centerboard case logs, top support and bolt mounts. Trimmed to fit case sides. I screwed them in place then trimmed with a jigsaw using the edge of the plywood as a guide. Now would have been a good time to predrill holes for the keel screws, oops.

Skipper worked on a moaning chair, which I would need soon.

I cut a top support but placed it wrong. It is supposed to be 3/4" tall x 1 1/2". So I trimmed the next one the correct way, cut a new one and tossed one in the trash.

Skipper photobombing with her grog.

Put everything together with thickened epoxy and silicone bronze screws. Used a paint stick broken in half lengthwise to clean excess epoxy out of the inside seams of the case. Got that tip from Geoff Kerr at Two Daughters Boatworks. Used the "index finger fillet" to smooth the outer case seams and wiped off excess epoxy with mineral spirits. My nose is stuffy from a sinus bug so I couldn't smell the mineral spirits, woo! TMI, but just a note to remember to have lots of ventilation in the workspace.

Dry fit the case and middle seat. Right about then is when I remembered that I intended to predill the holes on the keel log for the keel screws. I can still do it, but will have to go at a slight angle.

Click here for St. Jacques complete log.

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