Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wilcox, Crittenden & Co Box Compass

I was looking for bronze hardware on ebay and searched for Wilcox and Crittenden, they made a lot of the early bronze hardware for the Alcort Sailfish and Sunfish. I was surprised to see a compass in a small box come up, and found they were called a Captain's compass or dory compass. This compass was made in Middletown, CT around 1954. It is in a nice wooden box that measures 4 3/4 inches square with nice hasps, a cool gimbal ring and it has a beautiful dial. We will have fun using it with our fleet.

William W. Wilcox

FMI: Wilcox and Crittenden


  1. I have one just like this. I was made by the Marine Compass Company. I thought it was a Wilcox as well, they are almost identical. I'm guessing my is at least 65-70 years old.

  2. That's about how old we think ours is. It is fun to look at but I keep forgetting to take it out on the boat :)