Monday, December 19, 2016

Penobscot 17 Hanna

19 Dec 16:

We were wandering through Facebook last week and saw an ad for a Penobscot 17 in one of the boating groups. We had actually seen the boat a few times during recent Florida 120 events, a raid that is held in our local waters each May. Her lines captured our attention back then and we decided to snap her up. We have not sailed a balanced lug rig and though she would be a fun boat for a mess about. The boat's name prior name was Ransom II, her new name is Hanna because it is a beautiful name, belongs to a family member and for bonus it was close to the name of the first armed American naval vessel Hannah.

Doug Engh and his wife were the sellers, he shared a few pictures of her sailing the Gulf Coast waters. She has a proud history of participation in Cedar Key, Florida Gulf Coast Small Craft and Florida 120 events.

Jumped in the Ford Edge "pickermobeel" and headed towards the Gainesville, Florida area. It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit when we left but warmed up nicely to 80F as we turned towards South Florida. Doug and I traded boat stories for a bit and he talked me through the balanced lug rigging. He has done a great job of personalizing the boat to suit his style, with the addition of some tufnol blocks and bronze rub strips. We hooked up Hannah for the road trip back to NW Florida and hit the road right as the cool front blew into town with heavy rain.

A few different lines to sort out, halyard for the gaff and downhaul and parrel for the boom.

Doug had some awesome oars made. Hannah also has a third mast step amidships, so you can sail with just one sail if desired. Or can we add a third? :)

Rain arrived, party had to move indoors.

Road trip. Trailer lights should have worked, but they didn't. We carry a set of lights with magnetic bases and I stuck those on the back trailer frame for the road. I also secure them with duct tape to keep them from getting jarred off and dragging behind the trailer.....lesson learned from pickin Roamer from Ft Pierce.

Just another big rig on the road again.

Click here for Hanna's log.

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