Monday, December 12, 2016

St. Jacques Log 12 Dec 16 Rudder, CB and Mill Trip

12 Dec 16:

Cut out the centerboard, rudder and rudder head today for our Penobscot 14 "St. Jacques." Picked up some more cypress from the mill for the rudder head, seats and centerboard case. Laminated the rudder head okume panels.

Rudder plans, used them to get the radius of the rudder edge and rudder head centerpiece.

Top of the rudder, it is curved so that it can be rotated up in shallow water.

Cut out the rudder with a DEWALT jigsaw.

Our handmade daggerboard volunteered a strip of mahogany to be used along the leading edge of the rudder. I had messed up the edge of the daggerboard when I made it so I am glad we can use it for a few pieces.

The centerboard and rudder will be 3/4 inches thick, similar to our Sunfish rudders and daggerboards. We may copy the edge profiles that the Sunfish blades use, as it works great for them.

Used TotalBoat THIXO from Jamestown Distributors to attach the mahogany rub string to the leading edge of the rudder. Also used silicone bronze screws but those might come back out depending on which profile we put on the leading edge.

Mahogany rub strip for the leading edge of the cypress centerboard, secured with TotalBoat THIXO from Jamestown Distributors.

Skipper supervised transfer of centerboard pattern lines to the cypress board. 74 degrees F here in FLorida today, hope y'all are enjoying the snow up North as well.

Ready to cut the centerboard. Sailfish Winnie is watching.

Cut out the centerboard with a DEWALT jigsaw. This board is an inch thick, left over from the Barbashela rebuild, so we will plane it down to 3/4 inches and then profile the edges.

One of the crew at the sawmill pulling some 12 inch wide S4S 4/4 boards (Surface 4 Sides, 1 inch) for the seats, centerboard case frame and rudder parts.

Made a wood pattern from the paper pattern to trace out the rudder head panels. The top part of the rudder is a sandwich of 2 quarter inch plywood panels, then a 1 inch center board that the rudder nestles against, then 2 more quarter inch panels. I definitely will epoxy the plywood panels together, and might screw them vs epoxy to the center piece so I can pull apart as needed for maintenance. The rudder pivot bolt goes through the bottom part of the plywood panels and top of the rudder blade.

Rudder head panels epoxied together. Rudder blade and rudder head center piece cut out. Centerboard cut out, still needs to be planed to 3/4 inch. Temporary middle seat resting in place.

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