Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Barbashela Log 18 Jun 16 Plank Caulk Update

18 Jun 16: Update:

Here's the video of the Skipper caulking Barbashela's planks. We found a vintage hammer and irons on ebay, also ordered a few more irons from Jamestown Distributors. We used the 1/32 iron to start the cotton into the seam and the 1/16 iron to "make" the cotton, or a pizza cutter wheel on the tight planks with cotton wicking. JD also sold us the cotton wicking and a pound of Bristol Sussex cotton. Louis Sauzedde's Tips From A Shipwright videos on caulking were helpful, JD Tech Help folks offered guidance and Graham McKay at Lowells Boat Shop gave us the tip on the pizza cutter! So that day we caulked AND cut pizza with the same wheel :)

FMI: Leathers 21 Barbashela Log

FMI: Tips From A Shipwright

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