Saturday, January 21, 2017

USS Onkahye 1843-1848

We are the proud new owners of the USS Onkahye (1843-1848) oil painting by Charles Lundgren, 1979. The painting depicts the dispatch schooner Onkahye patrolling the West Indies in the late 1840s, and it was featured on a set of US 37 cent Marshall Island stamps printed in 2002 of US Navy Ships. The Skipper's ancestor Lt. Benjamin F. B. Hunter was Onkahye's first Sailing Master when she was commissioned in 1843. The converted yacht was a radical centerboard design by Robert L. Stevens, her design was influential and is considered to be the model for modern American sailing yachts.

FMI: USS Onkahye
Colonel Robert L. Stephens
Lieutenant Benjamin F. B. Hunter, USN
Charles Lundgren, ASMA
Stamps available through Unicover

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