Friday, January 20, 2017

Sail Ties

We have some nice old sail ties that Capn Jack made from some braided line a few years back and wanted to make a few more. They are soft and work well to tie up sails without chafing them. They also fit nicely in our pockets. I found a source of some braided line at R&W Ropes, and they sent me a 50 foot remnant of a 12 braid line, suggested that I unlay it the use the individual lines to make the 3 braid tie. We made some 4 1/2 foot sections and 3 foot sections, the larger pieces to be used to tie the main around the gaff and mast, and the smaller sections to secure the mizzen, jib and other bits of sail.

Taped the ends of the individual braids with gaff tape and unlaid about 5 feet of line. Cut off the fuzzy ends.

Made a 3 braid tie and taped the ends in preparation for whipping.

Whipped the ends of the 3 lines together and cut off the taped ends. Seared the ends of the ties.

The new sail tie is close to old one, it may shrink and darken over time but it will work well for the intended purpose. We will make a few more for the other boats.

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