Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hanna Log 07 Jan 17

07 Jan 17:

Cleaned up some rigging on the Penobscot 17 sails. New outhauls, new peak/throat/tack/clew lines and whipped sheet block eye loops. Used 1/8 inch New England Rope nylon for the outhauls and waxed whipping line.

This outhaul on the foresail clew had extra line for reefing. We took it off and will rig the reef line at a later date with something thinner.

Foresail sheet block eye loop whipping line was cleaned up.

Foresail clew outhaul line was removed.

Foresail peak outhaul redone with 1/8 inch nylon line from New England Rope. Outhaul and sail tie were tied separately.

Removed this old outhaul and replaced it with New England Rope 1/8 inch nylon line.

When we replaced the line we tied separate lines for the outhaul and the sail tie.

Removed this old sheet block eye loop whipping.

New FSE Robline waxed whipping twin over gaffers tape for the sheet block eye loop.

Mainsail boom clew outhaul with extra reefing line. We removed all that line and replaced it with New England Rope 1/8 inch nylon line.

New mainsail boom clew outhaul and sail tie using New England Rope 1/8 inch nylon line. Outhaul and sail tie are tied separate.

Old outhauls and whipping lines and maybe a few chocolate wrappers.

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