Friday, January 20, 2017

St. Jacques Log 20 Jan 17 Bow Seat Pattern

20 Jan 17:

We took our version of "tick stick" measurements off of the inner planking of the Penobscot 14 to make a bow seat. We put the edge of the ruler against the plank, marked with pencil along the edge of the ruler and around the end, so that we know where to place the ruler when making marks on the pattern wood or paper.

Took the tick stick panel inside and laid out painter paper to transfer the end point marks. We could also transfer the marks directly onto a larger piece of pattern plywood or onto the new seat slat blank as well.

Transferred end point marks to pattern paper for the Penobscot 14 bow seat and connected the dots.

End points for Penobscot 14 bow seat pattern.

Paper pattern for the Penobscot 14 bow seat.

Pattern making video.

FMI: St. Jacques Log

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