Wednesday, January 11, 2017

St. Jacques Log 11 Jan 17 Side Seats and Lines

11 Jan 17:

Worked on the starboard side seat for St. Jacques. Used port side as pattern for the outer slat to cut the clearance notch for the plank stringer. Used a Black and decker belt sander with 40 grit to give the planks a fair curve. Faired the outer edge first, then used a combination square to mark the inner line at approximately 2 1/8 inches. Faired the inner edge then put the next plank up next to previous plank to match the outer curve as well as possible. Repeated until all slats were faired. Then routed the edges with a Dewalt compact router with a 1/8 inch roundover bit.

Cut cleats for the seats and installed them. Well if you have side seats then you should check them out. Lots of room for lounging and rowing.

Put on a coat of Jamestown Distributors TotalBoat Wood Sealer Varnish Primer. It flowed well and covered great. We love the curved seats!

We want a vintage look for the lines on this boat, so R&W Rope sent us some samples to look through. From L-R they are Posh dark, New England Rope Sta-Set Vintage, Hempex, New England Rope Vintage, and Posh II. We are leaning towards the New England Rope Sta-Set Vintage, it is pretty flexible and feels good in our hand.

FMI: St. Jacques Log

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