Friday, September 21, 2018

Grumman 17 SCOUT 21 Sep 18 Shark's Teeth

21 Sep 18:

Traced the shark's teeth design on SCOUT's port side and transferred it over to starboard.

Outlined the teeth. Brushed on the base coat of Kirby's Marynard Bray Off White, thinned with Penetrol, with a cheapo art brush.

We kept the pattern if anyone needs to put shark's teeth on any of their boats, like GANNETT or NELLIE BELLE.

Port side got second coat of paint.

After we get a second coat on the starboard side we'll add the tongue and a black border.

After we get a second coat on the starboard side we'll add the tongue and a black border.

Log of SCOUT.

Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES 21 Sep 18 Tiller Trials, Day Sail Outfitting

21 Sep 18:

Skipper said I better have a blog post for Webb to read with his evening libation so I thought, how about Sea Trials for the new tiller? The new tiller sits at just the right height, and can be raised to duck under during a tack.

Oarlocks and sockets getting some nice patina, and varnish is holding up well.

We put a little cove and bead detail along the edge of the seat like BARBASHELA had, it tricks the eye to make the seat look a little thinner.

Mast thwart detail, the bolts have wingnuts so it is removable.

Fun clouds today, wind 3-4 knots, high tide with a little river current running out.

When Skipper wants to sheet in a bit more on a broad reach, she throws the sheet over the belaying pin to give it more of an aft angle. This helps keep the foot of the sail flat.

Mess About Mode, we carry a few towels to keep bilge wiped down, a couple of seat cushions and a picnic bag with sailing knives of course. ST. JACQUES normally has a paddle and boat hook, today we also tried out the padook, which worked great.

Dynamic Dolly for beach launch and recovery.

She's getting a little grimy, time for a TILEX wipedown before the Sunbrella cover goes back on.

First coat of varnish on ST. JACQUES' tiller! We used TotalBoat Gleam Marine Varnish Satin, thinned just a bit for better penetration, brushed on with a chip brush. #totalboat

Miles rowed .25/Total 10.25 Thanks a lot Skipper for sailing us all over the place, maybe next time I get to row more. :)


Grumman Boats

21 Sep 18:

Grumman started making canoes after WWII in Bethpage, NY and expanded production to Marathon, NY in the early 1950s. Here is some of their advertisement.

FMI: Log of SCOUT.

Webb Underway

21 Sep 18:

Our friend Webb Chiles and his Moore 24 GANNETT are underway, running up the Atlantic coast from Hilton Head to Maryland, destination St. Michaels' area for the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival. There will be an interesting log to read in a few days on his blog Self Portrait In The Present Sea.

Webb is on deck to speak at the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival, which is hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and runs Oct 6-7.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Grumman 17 SCOUT 12 Sep 18 Side Paint

12 Sep 18:

TS Gordon come and gone, landfall around Gulfport MS. 6 inches of rain, 35 mph peak wind.

Safe to paint again. Sprayed the sides of SCOUT with Rust-Oleum Anodized Bronze and Sand colors. Feathered the edges. This will be an experiment, not sure how the paint will stick to the aluminum long term.

Used some photos as a reference to free hand the shark's teeth. Painted the first coat with Kirby Paint White.

SCOUT was one of the early Grumman 17s built in Marathon, mid 1950s we're thinking, based on the serial number.

Log of SCOUT.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Grumman 17 SCOUT 03 Sep 18 Repaint

03 Sep 18:

As a result of playing Boat Tetris in prep for Tropical Storm Gordon, the Canoe Works are now open. Our Grumman 17 double ender SCOUT is going to get a field expedient combat paint job.

SCOUT will get a tribute paint scheme to the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers, they defended China against the Japanese before the US entered WWII.

I thought I could spot spray a few areas, but there were too many scratches with flaked paint edges and start of corrosion. Sanded scratched paint areas with 120 grit on a randome orbital sander to get rid of sub surface corrosion and give the aluminum some tooth for paint to grab onto.

Taped a waterline for the light gray fuselage bottom.

Transferred waterline to opposite side with our cool cloth tape measure. To make it easy I slid the tape back until an inch or half inch line was centered on the keel, in this case 9 inches, then doubled the number to 18 and marked the opposite line with a small strip of tape. We marked about every foot or so.

Starboard side waterline. Started a long strip of tape, about 4-5 feet and laid a fair curve close to the small tape markers. Found a few math errors and adjusted.

Painted the bottom with Kirby Light Gray cut with 50% White to make Light Light Gray, brushed with a Corona Trim brush. George told me it would have been optimum to brush a coat of primer first but I was too excited. If it comes off I'll redo it or call it battle damage. With the 95F heat index we had I found it best to lay down two brush widths vertical then tip it horizontal, had to work it fast before it got tacky.

Bottom of "fuselage" painted.

Test area to see if I could blend in the Patina Bronze base paint for the side. Liked the clean taped line better. The test area will be painted over with the shark's teeth. As I finished the side the first gust front from TS Gordon blew through, 35 mph gust. Had to move SCOUT into the Carriage House and she bunked with ZIP. Also had to pick a few pine needles off of the tacky paint!

Port bow, worked on the pattern for the shark's teeth.

Log of SCOUT.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY and Skipper's My Peak Challenge

02 Sep 18:

Skipper back from her successful "peaker" cruise on our Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY. As part of My Peak Challenge she pledged to sail a catamaran, something she had not done before 2018. She also had to build her sailing muscles as part of being able to handle SMEDLEY's 130 sguare foot sail. SMEDLEY had a good time and we want to thank all the folks who helped get her back out seat, esp Scott, Susan, Jack and Eddie's crew.

My Peak Challenge is a fundraiser as well as a comprehensive monthly workout and nutrition program. This year, My Peak Challenge supports the great organizations Bloodwise and Marie Curie. We are happy to be part of the community and are looking forward to the next pledge.

Clark and Skipper

My Peak Challenge

Monday, August 27, 2018

Padook Float Test

27 Aug 18:

Padook Float Test a success, 14-16 inches of blade above the surface. Sea Trials soon to test the paddle and the hook.

Padook design page.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


15 Aug 18:

Okay folks, you heard it here first, we are going to make a combination Greenland paddle and boat hook, and call it a padook, we liked that better than hookle. The blade will be Greenland style, and the hooks we are getting from the wooden boat store. The first few padooks will be in the 4-6 foot range.

Part of the paddle blade is visible in this photo with the rough cross section.

24 Aug 18:

Finished the padook! 5 feet long, cut from white pine. Cut out blank with a circular saw, planed it to shape with a power planer and Stanley #51 spokeshave, shaped the hook stub with a shinto rasp, sanded padook with a belt sander and random orbital sander, attached the hook with 2 silicone bronze screws. Skipper forgot to sweep up.

25 Aug 18:

Here's the top and side patterns we used for the padook, and a close up of the hook.

27 Aug 18:

Padook Float Test a success, 14-16 inches of blade above the surface. Sea Trials soon to test the paddle and the hook.

Sea Trials soon. Stay tuned.