Saturday, September 30, 2017

O'Day Daysailer Cyane Trailer, Mast Raise and Bow Eye Replacement 30 Sep 17

30 Sep 17:

Got some trailer work done to fit Cyane to her new trailer. New rollers, axle, springs, hubs and tires. Eddie English does great work for us!

Boat was moved aft just a bit to set a good tongue weight. I couldn't lift it before and now I can, so I'm guessing it is around 80 pounds.

Eddie's crew replaced all of the rollers with HDPE non marking rollers. The new brackets are galvanized and fastened with stainless hardware, shiny!

New 1500 pound axle, new springs sized for the trailer/boat combo. This roller is set to support the centerboard and keep it in the case.

8 foot carpeted bunks and LED lights. Skipper says leave Onkahye's name on there, Cyane kind of like it.

Eddie has sold us 2 trailers, repaired 4, and built us 2. Plus helped us upgrade several more with trailer guides. We always enjoy visiting his business and seeing the wizardry in progress. If you need a trailer, give him a call and tell him Small Boat Restoration sent you.

A few of the mast fittings. Cheek block for the topping lift.

Spinnaker halyard, roller furling and jib halyard block for regular jib.

Spinnaker pole line block.

Preparations to raise the mast.

After the mast went up we installed the new bow eye. Upgraded to U bolt style, located spot for second 3/8 inch hole. We bedded the new eye in TotalBoat thickened epoxy to fill in the chipped area.

Opened inspection port to bow compartment and removed a few foam blocks. Bow eye bolts coming through the stem backer strip, it's wooden for some reason.

Tightened down the nuts.

Foam blocks returned to the bow compartment and inspection port closed up.

Faired the bow eye plate with some TotalBoat THIXO.

Mast up, 8x10 cockpit cover installed.

Log of Cyane.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wood Selection Table by Sam Rabl 27 Sep 17

27 Sep 17:

People frequently ask what type of wood is best for different boat parts. Here is a wood selection table put together by Sam Rabl, found in his book Boatbuilding in Your Own Backyard (1947).

Ref: Rabl, S. S. 2013. Boatbuilding in your own backyard. [Brattleboro, Vt.]: Echo Point Books & Media.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

AMF Sunfish Viper Deck Seam Repair 26 Sep 17

08 Apr 2015:
We rounded up 2 Sunfish built by AMF's Alcort Division. "Viper" is a 1980 boat that had been holding down a piece of plywood at Coastal Marine Works (formerly Breezy Boat City) in Gulf Breeze Florida. A young man needing some cash had brought in the damaged hull to our friend Jan and he helped him out. The hull had most of the parts stripped, a damaged seam and unsightly fiberglass patches, so it took up residence on a piece of plywood behind the office. Jan sold the business to our friend Allen Pinkston aka "Viper" and we discussed the destiny of the hull several times. The good news was that with all of the holes in it, no water had stayed inside and saturated the foam blocks. "Viper" will get a Naval Aviation tribute paint scheme using VF-84's Jolly Rogers colors as inspiration.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

"Sugar 2" is a 1983 boat that was doing an admirable job of leaning against a wall at ICC Marine in Gulf Shores, Alabama. She had most of her parts stripped as well and has a big hole in the bow. We bought her as part of a 2 1/2 boat deal from Jim and our friend Loxley brought her over when he came to pick up "Boo." The hull is actually in decent shape, just need a bath and small repair....and a lot of parts. "Sugar 2" will get a tribute paint scheme using S-2F Tacker paint as a guide.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

Date Unknown:

Split the seam on Viper so we can access the inside for fiberglass repair. Added an inspection port hole forward of daggerboard trunk.

25 Jul 17:

Restoration resumes on Viper. Lots of old fiberglass patches to remove, used a heat gun to soften the polyester resin and then sanded smooth with 60 grit on a random orbital sander. Removed the cockpit trim by drilling out the rivets with a 1/8 inch bit. Removed old paint from the deck with 60 grit on a random orbital sander.

Viper needs a new backer block for the bow handle...and all of the other deck hardware as well.

The little loop is where the factory hooked up a strap to pull the hull out of the mold.

26 Jul 17:

Well it took a heat gun running 1150 degrees F AND an oscillating multi tool to burn and chisel off the blob.

Surprise, there was a hole in the boat, with rotting pieces of wood inside...and a small fire, not to worry...

Removed excess two part expanding foam, it had oozed under the storage cubby. It us used to hold the white flotation foam in place, but you only need a little.

You are looking at the bottom side of the storage cubby. At the top of the photo is the white flotation foam that runs along the keel and under the tail end of the cubby, that will stay. The edges of the hull have been faired back in prep for fiberglass repair, all crushed, loose fiberglass has been removed. A backer patch of woven roving and cardboard will be installed inside the hull, then multiple layers of 4 oz cloth will be stacked in the hole, small to large pieces and the last few pieces will overlap the faired area. Fair. Sand. Paint (gel coat if you have the talent).

Waiting for a patch

That's two part expanding foam and the bottom of the storage cubby, some healthy looking woven roving!

28 Aug 17:

Made fiberglass backer patches, formed to the hull shape. Laid down plastic sheet first, then laid out the 4 oz fiberglass cloth and saturated it with thickened TotalBoat epoxy. Covered with another sheet of plastic to let it dry to shape. Once dry the patches will be epoxied inside the hull to form a base for additional layers.

26 Sep 17:

Laid a strip of 4 ox fiberglass cloth to reinforce the hull flange of the deck seam, bedded in TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy. Covered the strip with plastic and clamped while it dried.

26 Sep 17:

Laid a strip of 4 ox fiberglass cloth to reinforce the hull flange of the deck seam, bedded in TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy. Covered the strip with plastic and clamped while it dried.

to be continued...

Learn more about your Sunfish in The Sunfish Owner's Manual.