Saturday, November 28, 2020

Season's Greetings

27 Nov 20:

All they want for Christmas is some epoxy and fiberglass...


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pier 238

25 Nov 20:

Piered out to 238 feet, 1 inch now. Repaired one set of steps to the lower dock. Plan is to replace a section of deck next.

The closest dock we call the Dolphin Dock, it needs new steps and a plank or two. We might have some free beach lumber for that section.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pier Restoration

 24 Nov 20:

Pier restored out to 200 feet, 50 to go.

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 24 Nov 20 Restoration Tidbits

 24 Nov 20:

Sorted some bits recovered from WAVE and PHOENIX. Removed excess 2 part foam from WAVE's hull. And removed a loose piece of deck edge trim.

Drilled out trim rivets with a 1/8th inch diameter bit.

Underside of Capn Jack's bow handle repair.

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 24 Nov 20 Restoration Begins

24 Nov 20: 

We had reattached the starboard bow block in the the port bow warrants attention. Mast tube is in good shape though.

Flex tape maybe?

Starboard block stayed attached! Well, most of it.

Skipper decreed today that we'll retain the side piece, along with the stealth Hawaii registration numbers.

The fiberglass loop was used at the factory to pop the hull out of the mold.

Woven roving is a little unwoven...

We think we can salvage the deck in this area, put a backer strip underneath to reshape it.

Hoisted WAVE off of the finishing dolly and removed a strongback that we had attached for use in our catboat build. Catboat build is delayed.

Bow section will be reattached! The pink duct tape may or may not be permanent.

1982 AMF Sunfish hanging out with WAVE in the Carriage House. She took similar abuse from the 6x6 posts in the Sunfish Shack. Catboat parts stacked to the side.

Pier planked, 137' of 250' complete.


Monday, November 23, 2020

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 23 Nov 20 Damage Assessment 2

23 Nov 20:

Sustained during Hurricane Sally 16 Sep 20, bashed into a post til she broke loose and we went to rescue her.

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE 23 Nov 20 Damage Assessment

23 Nov 20:

1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Damage Assessment

The Fleet Is In...Or Out...Carriage House TETRIS

23 Nov 20:

Tropical Storm season winding down, Carriage House and Sunfish Shack TETRIS cranking up. Started off just planning to move our Penobscot ST. JACQUES out of the Carriage House around back to the Sunfish Shack. By the time we finished we had moved the wooden Sunfish CHIP and ZIP, Super Sailfish TRACKER, AMF Sunfish MADISON and Standard Sailfish WINNIE out to the Sunfish Shack. That made room to move our Sunfish PHOENIX and WAVE into the Carriage House so we can begin their repairs.

Alcort Sunfish and Sailfish Old Style Rudder Parts 1949-1969

 15 Nov 20:

Our buddy Tome sent us some Alcort bling, rudder parts. On the left is a horizontal hinge plate for the fiberglass Sunfish/Sailfish, next to that is the spring plate that goes on top of it. The third piece over is a horizontal plate for the wooden Alcorts, and another spring plate. The carriage bolt is the longer 7 inch bolt for a fiberglass SUnfish, which has a taller transom than the wooden Sunfish or Sailfish. To the right of the bolt is the latch plate that goes on the keel. Also in the picture are two rudder hinge pins with keepr chains, extremely hard to find.

Thanks Tom!


 15 Nov 20:

Easy to make chocks. Get some scrap 2x4 and bevel off about half of one edge, 45 degrees. On the bottom use a spade bit to drill a 1 inch hole about halfway through, then use a 1/2 inch bit to drill completely through. Find some spare bits of line and  hide the know in the hollowed out area on the bottom.

State of the Sunfish Shack and Carriage House

24 Oct 20: 

A few boats are venturing back out to the Sunfish Shack. Normally the kayaks and Sharknoe hang out by a tree near the shore, but high tides have them being more conservative.

Meanwhile all of the Sunfish,  Sailfish, Catfish and ST. JACQUES are hiding at the Carriage House.

1982 AMF Sunfish PHOENIX 15 Nov 20 Bow Repair Parts

15 Nov 20: