Monday, July 24, 2017

Wilcox and Crittenden Bronze Hardware

24 Jul 17:

Gathered up more boat bits, vintage Wilcox and Crittenden bronze. Going to need some of it soon for a Sunfish!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mystery Spars

20 Jul 17:

Scored some spars, looks like they went to a 10-12 foot sailing dinghy or maybe a canoe. Square drive fasteners point to possible Canadian origin.

All bronze fittings: two blocks on the boom, a pintle on the boom and a gudgeon on the mast.
Mast is 9' 6" tall, about 2" diameter. Gudgeon.
Yard is 8’ 10"" long, about 1 1/4" diameter. Leathered jaws. Strange line with ring.
Mast and yard measure approx 12' 6" from boom fitting.
Boom is 8' 8" long, about 1 1/4" diameter. Pintle. 2 blocks.

Is it a gunter rig or gaff rig? Any ideas as to what boat it went to?

St Jacques Log 20 Jul 17 Name Badges

20 Jul 17:

Name badges for St. Jacques.

Log of St. Jacques.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

St Jacques Log 18 Jul 17 Sea Trials II

18 Jul 17:

After the trials yesterday we added a rudder downhaul with jam cleat on the inner transom. Tested it out and found that the braided line didn't run free so we added shackles at the eyestraps, moved the lower eyestrap to the corner of the rudder, switched to smaller 1/8 inch nylon line and smaller jam cleat. (updated picture pending). Also the Skipper suggested that we modify the tiller so it could raise up, like the Sunfish tiller does, which would make it easier to maneuver around. We did that by cutting rounding the aft end of the tiller so it could pivot on a 1/4 inch bronze pin that came from a Sunfish rudder assembly. We also had to notch the tiller and upper part of the rudder yoke so the tiller could raise about 18 inches. Next we added a line traveler to the quarter knees with a small Sunfish block, so the sheet would run from the clew, back to the block then forward in close alignment with the tiller. Last orders of business were to change the brail line to a thinner line and rig a pennant for the Jolly Roger.

Rowed .5 miles/Total 1 mile

Rigged a centerboard downhaul with bronze Wilcox and Crittenden Sunfish hardware.

Took St. Jacques out for another round of sea trials. She sailed and rowed great! The rudder and centerboard downhauls worked well and the tilt tiller was awesome.

Turned on a dime. Gave back change.

After the sea trials we cleaned up a little coffee spill and water that we tracked into the boat. Wiped up easily with a towel and sponge. I am glad that I didn't drill limber holes for the fore and aft compartments, they'll stay pretty dry, especially if we don't drain water and coffee INTO them.

Made a pattern for a boat cover.

Wrapping up the build, kind of a proud and strange moment.

Log of St. Jacques.