Saturday, March 27, 2021

1959 Sorg 15 Runabout WILLOW 21 Mar 21 Washdown and Sunset Cruise

21 Mar 21:

Poor WILLOW had months of dust and pine pollen on her, so we motored up to the beach and she got a fresh water rinse topsides and a salt water rinse on the planks. Then she went on a recon mission to see if we could find any of our debris from Hurricane Sally, to include a bench, a table and pier parts. Nothing spotted.

We did spy a nice sunset.

Log of WILLOW.

Armada Homeport Change Update 19 Mar 21

19 Mar 21: 

Our Mustang Super Sally arrived at the new Homeport to take command of the Armada. 

CYANE moved outside to stand watch, where she is well trained. She's also ready to roll to her new post on the eastern perimeter, we may leave her rigged on the hard at a local "yacht club."

The Marine Traffic Control Board is updated, the boats below the blank strip have changed Homeport, now part of the Atlantic Squadron. 5 boats left to move.

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 16 Mar 21 Shipping Box

 16 Mar 21:

Our Sunfish CHIP is scheming an air freight trip to the Pacific Northwest, we had a shipping box made from double wall cardboard. Picked the box up and we'll pack CHIP for the trip soon.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Armada Movement, Sunfish Shack and Carriage House Update

 15 Mar 21:

There are a few open spots in the Sunfish Shack, in fact this photo is not current as the only Sunfish holding down the fort is WAVE, the boat in the foreground. The other boat PHOENIX made the trek to Tidewater in a UHaul a few days ago. Even the rubber mats left.

The Carriage House occupants are CHIP and Skipper's John Deere WILEY. CHIP is scheduled to strike out on her own adventure up to the great Northwest, details soon.

HEUER GARAGE South will now be HEUER GARAGE East

Moved some of Skipper's rocks...

PHOENIX got to ride in the UHaul ORANGE 1 on the Finishing Dolly, and we took the catboat strongback for MARGARET ROSE along as well. Skipper's rock made a good chock.

CYANE rode in style behind ORANGE 1.

Sunfish MADISON showed up with the little punt SCUPPERS in PODS 3.

Temporary lodging until the new Carriage House and Sunfish Shack are built. CYANE seems to be in ONKAHYE's spot.

Checked out a local business for the new Carriage House v2.0, they take custom orders and have the sheds built off site, then trucked in. Nice features can be added like windows, lofts and shelves, and joist spacing can be set to 12 inches if desired to carry heavier loads like a boat trailer. I particularly like the LP TechShield radiant barrier, that should help control temperature.

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 24 Feb 21 Deck Edge Repair and Floorboards

24 Feb 21:

CHIP got banged up a little during Hurricane Sally, some chips along the deck edge and one floorboard washed away. We filled in the divots with TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy dispensed from a 18:1 High Thrust caulk gun and smoothed it out as best we could with a plastic spreader, hoping to minimize sanding. 

The wooden Sunfish have floorboards, we cut a new one from 1/4 inch marine grade plywood for CHIP, painted it with TotalBoat WetEdge BlueGlo White and coated the top with TotalTread non skid. The test fit was today and everything fits perfect.

Carriage House Floor Patterns

 24 Feb 21:

We are making tracings of the Carriage House floor art and catboat half breadths, to transfer over to the new Carriage House in Virginia.

Log of the Carriage House.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Boat Trailer Chocks

24 Feb 21:

There is nothing more salty in trailer sailing than making some trailer chocks. Using Capn Jack's time honored method we made a few extra chocks from scrap 2x4 pressure treated lumber and spare bits of line. We use a 1 inch spade bit to drill out a space to bury the chock line knot underneath, and another smaller hole for the line to pass through, as big or bigger than the line diameter. Then we paint the chocks a visible color so they don't become trip hazards.

If we shave a little off the top edge that faces the tire, then the chocks become "handed," there is a left hand chock and a right hand chock. You might note that the video ends abruptly, when I noticed that I had drilled the hole for a couple of chocks on the wrong end. Easy to drill a few more holes :)