Friday, April 30, 2021

Marine Traffic Control Board Update

 30 Apr 21:

We are over halfway through the Armada Change of Station from the Gulf Squadron to the Atlantic Squadron. The boats below the blank strip on the Marine Traffic Control board have made the move,  there are a few boats left. One boat, CHIP, will venture Northwest to Pt Townsend, Washington to be the Flagship of the Pacific Squadron. More on that as her move progresses, right now she is undergoing phased maintenance and is coming out of the paint shop.

ONKAHYE has returned from Eddie English Boatrailer where she got new bearings, radial tires, LED guide post lights and a safety chain. WILLOW is ready and her trailer is getting new guide post lights right now. CHIP and WAVE are patiently waiting. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Search and Rescue

13 Apr 21: 

Skipper looking for benches and tables that went MIA during Hurricane Sally and took a ride across the bay. We did find one small table that we made, Victory! And Skipper found a stick.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hobie 14 and DN Iceboat Models

 03 Apr 21:

Early Spring project? Nice models of a Hobie 14 and DN Iceboat available from the WoodenBoat Store.

Photo credits WoodenBoat Store


 03 April 21:

Still moving bits around as the Armada shifts Homeport from the Gulf Squadron to the Atlantic Squadron. Carriage House was getting a little crowded with 2 Sunfish on dollies and a lawn tractor, and we wanted one of the Sunfish easily accessible for nice sailing days ahead before the final move.

Spring cleaning, we mowed the yard and moved WILLOW's trailer off the grass onto the Wheel Deck.

Skipper's John Deere WILEY gave her Sunfish WAVE a tow back to the Sunfish Shack, so WAVE could keep SCOUT company.

1963 wooden Alcort CHIP keeps an eye on her shipping box, WILEY checks out the Carriage House.

Log of the Sunfish Shack.

Log of the Carriage House.