Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nice Little Sharpie Skiff

27 Oct 18:

Saw this skiff for sail locally, not sure what is is, a Steve Redmond Whisp possibly? She's around 15 feet, plywood construction.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween Pirate Ship

19 Oct 18:

Worked on the pirate ship yard decoration for Halloween, she will have a motley crew. Plans are from the Winfield Collection. Traced onto 1/2 marine grade plywood with carbon paper, marine grade should hold up better in the yard.

Cut out the outlines for the hull and topside with a DeWALT jigsaw.

19 Oct 18:


Skipper and First Mate.

23 Oct 18:

Topsides finished.

24 Oct 18:

25 Oct 18:

26 Oct 18:

PSV (Pirate Sailing Vessel) ONKAHYE will be commissioned tomorrow as the Commodore's Gulf Squadron flagship, ready to seek prizes in the front yard. She fit out at LOA 8', LWL 6', Beam 1/2". Her spars, sails, deck and hull are made of Douglas Fir. 2 masted frigate, square rigged, she carries twenty-four 32-pound carronades on the spar deck, as well as a long 18-pound “chase” gun forward, and thirty 24-pound long guns on the gun deck. Motley crew of 6, 2 down below on the gun deck. Shiver your timbers!!

27 Oct 18:

Seeking prizes!

to be continued...

FMI: The Winfield Collection Haunted Pirate Ship

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Skipper Explains Hurricanes

11 Oct 18:

We had a close call from Hurricane Michael, the first Cat 4 hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle and 3rd strongest landfalling hurricane in recorded history. It was making a beeline for us in NW Florida but forecast tracks had it making a 45 degree turn prior to landfall. It did, devastating to those affected. Skipper drew out how hurricane forecasting works and we are left wondering, what if it didn't make the turn.

Our takeaways, anticipate future storms being much stronger than forecast and moving faster. We might have a good idea on track, but "what if" the storm doesn't quite develop as forecast? Tie down the fleet and move to a spot where we'll feel safe early. ONKAHYE will go with us.

Stay Smart!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Grumman 17 SCOUT 04 Oct 18 Paint and Sea Trials

04 Oct 18:

We made a copy of the roundel and cut out the white sections with an xacto knife, then used that to trace the circles and triangles over the base circle with pencil.

We wanted medium blue for the roundel, decided to try a 1:1 mix of paints we had in the Carriage House. Looked around and we had Kirby White enamel and Interlux Brightside Sapphire Blue Polyurethane. Would they mix? No idea, but we went for it anyway. The color came out great and the paint flowed on nice and smooth, good coverage. Time will tell how the mix holds up, maybe we discovered something new. We used a nice mixing cup from Jamestown DIstributors, it has markings for different mix ratios, we used 1:1.

For 1:1 our the first color up to the 1 on the left, then the second color up to the one on the right. The other markings to the right are for different ratios like 2:1, 3:1 etc...Pour slow and stop short of the line, let the paint fill in as it is easy to pour past the line. I poured too much White for the 1 mark so I slowed down, regrouped and poured a little more up to the 2 line. Then poured the Blue up to the 2 line. We had plenty of Medium Blue!

I turned the canoe on its side to paint the blue, that helps avoid runs. The key before painting is to mark which parts will be blue, it is easy to get it backwards. I marked one of the blue sections with a B as I was tracing. For a brush I used a cheapo soft brush from a multi pack of art brushes, about 1/2 inch wide with a straight tip. The soft tip let me load up lots of paint, for smooth flow.

The Chinese National roundel dates from 1895, a blue sky with a white sun. The 12 stars represent the 12 months of the year and 12 traditional Chinese hours, symbolizing the spirit of progress.

Number 48 is Triple Ace Tex Hill's ship number from the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers.

SCOUT ready to head to the beach!

Ready for Sea Trials.

Check out the groove down the beach, the standard flat water keel on the Grumman 17 is designed to make paddling easier and help the canoe track straight, reducing unwanted drift.

SCOUT had a great time, chased some pelicans, successful Float Test and she was pretty proud of herself!

SCOUT is happy to back with her kayak buddies, holding up the trees. New adventures await!

Log of SCOUT.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Grumman 17 SCOUT 03 Oct 2018 Flying Tigers Paint

03 Oct 18:

Worked on the Flying TIgers' paint scheme, traced a circle and painted the base coat for the Chinese National roundel with Kirby White. Also applied first layer of Tex Hill's ship number 48.

Tongue added to the port side with Rustoleum Professional High Performance Protective Enamel Safety Red.

Here are the patterns for Triple Ace Tex Hill's number and the Chines National roundel. We will make a copy of the roundel and cut out the white sections with an xacto knife, then use that to trace the circles and triangles.

Log of SCOUT.