Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rigger's Bench Dual Purpose for Gas Can Storage

 21 Aug 20:

We knocked together a quick rigger's bench to store some gas cans, made it out of 1x12 cypress and 1x4 pressure treated SYP. Fastened with Frearson head silicone bronze wood screws from Jamestown Distributors. We cut a 5 foot long seat and 2 18 inch legs out of the 1x12 cypress with the DeWALT 20v brushless circular saw and then cut a bench back and brace from the 1x4 SYP. Rounded the edges on all of the pieces with a DeWALT compact trim router and cut corners on the seat back with the DeWALT 20v brushless jigsaw.

Used our Fuller pilot hole and countersink bit to get the holes started for the #10 x 2 1/2 Frearson head silicone bronze screws, on a DeWALT 20V brushless drill. Drove the screws with the DeWALT 20V brushless impact driver. Tacked the seat to the legs with a few screws and the seat back to the seat.

Squared the legs before we attached the seat back and an additional spreader brace along the back of the bench.

Finished attaching the seat to the legs.

Rounded all the edges that may come in contact with skin with a 1/8th inch roundover bit on a DeWALT compact trim router.

It is essential to clock the screws...

The bench was immediately put to work for fuel container organization, tropical storm on the way and all. Maybe after Marco and Laura wander by to the West we can get a better photo, but suffice to say the construction design and methods were simple and fast. 5 boards and 20 screws. 

The skull and crossbones suffice as the HazMat placarding and MSDS. 

Stromberg Carlson Heavy Duty Adjustable Platform Step

 22 Aug 20:

We bought a step to use with RV SUPER POKEY and it would work great in a small boat workshop or Carriage House. I found one made by Stromberg Carlson in the Gander RV store online and we went up to our local Gander dealer to pick it up, and when we got there we saw 2 to choose from. Turns out there was one with fixed length legs and one with adjustable legs. Skipper immediately realized that the adjustable legs would be best for uneven terrain around RV parking areas, like our front yard, so we bought that one, model PA-275. It is very solid, has 4 settings for each leg and it folds down to a compact size.  The legs set outside of the perimeter of the step for added stability, then fold up underneath to make a compact package for storage. The step can also be used with the legs stowed. Shown here we have the downslope legs extended two of the three notches.

We liked this step because it was a good size, 19" x 14", so it is a good size landing platform when leaving the RV and will be a wide stable base to reach upper shelves in the Carriage House. It will look real nice with paint splatters on it. 

Stows easily in SUPER POKEY's starboard side cargo hold, which just happens to be right next to the coach entrance. Even with the legs partly extended.

Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Bench Vise

 22 Aug 20:

We built our work bench several years ago and bought a Rockler quick release vise for it, I finally got around to mounting the vise. First I cut out a section of the bench frame with the Kobalt 20V reciprocating saw. The screws holding it in stripped out when I tried to remove them, so I knocked the 2x4 chunk loose from the screws with Grandma Nelson's hammer. Then turned the screws out from below with vise grips.

Knit one, pearl two...these instructions were not super helpful as the descriptors did not match up with the labeled parts on the illustration. So I took my Marine Corps approach and started disassembling things until I got to a point where it made sense of how things go together. The only Uh Oh moment was when the quick release nut fell off in two pieces, it is the brains of the mechanism, but luckily I put it back together correctly.

Cut holes for the screw and sliders. Used an Irwin hole saw, 1 1/4 inch diameter I believe. Chose cypress for the vise faces, it should not mar work pieces.

Finito! The quick release mechanism is handy, it makes it easier to place an awkward size or heavy work piece in the vise with one hand and close or open the vise quickly with the other hand.

We used Grandma Nelson's hammer to tap down the corners a bit, and rubbed down the edges of the vise face blocks. Sometimes those edges and corners are sharp enough to cut skin.

Polly and Pete approve. 

Sorg 15 Runabout WILLOW Battery Switch

 21 Aug 20:

We took WILLOW in to see Gary for an oil change, new water pump impeller, anodes, lubrication and a new water separator. We also had a battery switch installed to ensure there are not any systems drawing power when she is shut down with the exception of the bilge pump, which has an automatic float switch. 

The techs at Gary's Suzuki Shop did an awesome job fabricating a custom bracket for the switch, they wanted the switch to be unobtrusive and they did not want to add any new holes to their favorite boat :)

The smart charger kind of adds redundancy to the switch, or vice versa, but our goals were to eliminate any current draws AND always have a topped off battery. 

Logan got very creative, he replaced the wood screws in the seat back hinge with stainless machine screws and lock nuts to secure the battery switch bracket underneath the seat.

Gary's crew took good care of WILLOW, she always has a special spot indoors for her overnight stays, it seems they may have kept her a few more days than needed, hmmm, I think they just like having her around. 

If you have a fine boat that needs a Suzuki motor, give Gary a call at his family business, Lou's Marine in Gulf Breeze Florida. 40+ years in business, oldest Suzuki Dealership in Florida and second oldest in the US.

Sunfish Sailboat Sheet Hangers

 20 Aug 20:

A common problem on Sunfish sailboats is having the sheet catch on PFDs or body parts when tacking. One remedy is to keep slack out of the sheet, another is to add a couple of sheet hangers to the lower boom, they help keep the sheet form sagging between the two blocks. We buy ours from Intensity Sails, inexpensive and they ship fast.


We also added a new sheet from New England Ropes, 5/16th inch diameter Sta-Set. Purchased from R&W Ropes.

O'Day Day Sailer II CYANE 21 Aug 20 Tropical Storm Prep

 21 Aug 20:

Tropical Storms Laura and Marco are on track to swing through the Gulf, so it's the time of the year to pull our small boats and reduce their exposure to wind, tide and storm surge. Today was the day to play with CYANE, I got the trailer to the ramp, we lowered CYANE off of her strap lift and Skipper towed her over to the ramp next door.

Hey Surget, where ya going with that boat?!

The good news is our shoreline is very shoal, Skipper was barely waist deep from 300 feet out. Easy Peasy. There is a hazard associated with this ramp though, because it is so shallow, motor boaters and jet skiers rev up their motors excessively to get off and on their trailers, which ends up dishing out a large trough behind the ramp. The hole they create can bee very deep and lined with silty sand, quicksand like, and it is hard to determine how far out it goes. Skipper is aware of the hazard but still went in another foot or so. Compare the two photos above and note the wet part of her shirt, she had to go about 100 feet behind the ramp to get clear of the ditch. I actually wear a PFD if I am walking a boat over and the tide is up a foot or so, as I have been in over my head on some excursions. 

We could have motored over, but what's the fun in that? We have also paddled over, but Skipper wanted to play in the ditch today, water is nice and warm. Once the boats are back on their trailers, the TETRIS begins, where to park them to avoid damage to the boats and damage to vehicles and the house. Next decision will be whether to take off the mainsail and boom, and lower the masts, that will depend on wind speed predictions for our area. And once out, most likely the bigger boats won't go back on the lifts until Tropical Storm season is over, late October - early November. Don't despair though, we have plenty of water toys to play with....speaking of which, we need to throw a line over the Sunfish, kayaks and Sharknoe. Primary hazard for those small boats are wind gusts from outer bands.

We start 4-5 days early, leisurely pace, so we have the 72 hours prior to a storm to rest and decide if we are bugging out for a hurricane or sheltering in place with a tropical storm.

Y'all stay smart out there and don't fret about us, Skipper is our Weather Wizard and she has decades of wisdom when it comes to watching storms.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

2021 Daybreak 22DB Furion Oven Lighting

 16 Aug 20:

There's no way we're going to tell you how to light the oven in the Daybreak 22DB, we had to figure it out ourselves and so will you :) But we'll give you some hints and WARNINGS. DON"T BLOW YOURSELF UP.

WARNING: Open a vent and turn on a fan before turning on propane appliances.

The switch for the fan over the oven is over the sink, under the cabinet.

Open the stove top cover, the vent for the oven comes through the stove top.

So you peek in the Furion manual, you did read the manual, right, and it says to light the oven pilot light. But nowhere does it tell you HOW to do that. Turning on the oven light helps a bit for the next steps, rocker the switch down. 

The pilot light is hidden at the back of the oven, to the right side of the burner. By the white ceramic probe. Here is a photo with the pilot light lit and the burner lit.

So you turned the oven knob to the flame position, pushed it in and rotated the igniter and nothing happened? What we read was that it takes 20-30 seconds for air to purge out of the line, so the videos we saw were showing folks holding the knob in for that period and then getting the oven pilot to light. That seems like a long time to us, so what we found was we could light the aft left stove burner first to get air purged from the system and gas flowing to the stove, it seemed to charge the system and we didn't have to do the 20-30 second Sword of Damacles routine to light the oven pilot. If you try it once, don't go over 30 seconds. If there is no lighting of the oven pilot, turn ALL the gas off for the stove and oven and call Mother Thor or Father Furion. 

WARNING: Read the Furion manual for the oven lighting steps for after the oven pilot is lit.

Once the oven pilot is lit it helps to let the pilot burn for 30 seconds or so, then go to 450F and let it burn there for a short period to  ensure steady gas flow. Ensure the entire burner is lit and then set you can reduce temp to set the desired oven temp. Turn off the stove burner. Let the oven preheat a good 20-30 minutes and enjoy your pizza.

Please read all instructions in your oven's manual and contact the manufacturer or Thor RV Tech Team if you have any questions, propane is not something to play with. 

Stay Smart Out There!

Shore Power

 16 Aug 20;

Hooked up SUPER POKEY to shore power, might be similar to shore power at the marina. Be careful and read the manufacturer's manual for procedure, Notes, Cautions and Warnings!! Electricity kills fast, especially in wet environments.

Make sure shore power is OFF.

Attach 30A to 15A adapter and surge protector only.

Turn power ON.

Check surge protector for proper lights.

Turn shore power OFF.

Connect power cord to surge protector and to RV. 

Make sure all Power is OFF inside RV.

Turn Shore Power ON.

Check for light on RV shore power me, the blue light is lit.

Check for light on RV shore power me, the green light is lit.

Turn Coach battery on and other power as desired.

Turn on the air conditioner...and the frig...


 16 Aug 20:

Well RV SUPER POKEY had to be outfitted, all the essentials that a land yacht needs. I wonder if Webb goes through piles of boxes like we did...

-Can Opener
-Bottle opener
-Coffee maker*
-Coffee filters*
-Cutting board
-Dish towels
-Fry pan
-Glasses plastic
-Ice cube trays
-Knives, forks, spoons*
-Mugs regular and travel*
-Pizza cutter
-Pot holders
-Salt and Pepper
-Saucepaan 3 qt w cover
-Sink bucket
-Skillet 10 inch w cover
-Storage bins
-Trash bags
-Trash cans
-Hand towels
-Bath towels
-Wash cloths
-Paper towels
-Cooking stone

..and this is before we bring out frig, freezer and pantry items...

And there is stuff in cargo holds, 
-Door step, sewer hose, sewer hose support, gloves, shop towels, tool kit, chocks, level blocks, spare gas can, potable water hose, garden hose, water filter, water pressure regulator, faucet splitter, air inflator, 30 Amp shore power cord, cord adapter, surge protector, extension cords, 3 way plug, jumper cables, dock line, clotheline, clothes flamingos...

I'm sure World Cruisers CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE (I and II) and GANNETT are provisioned similarly...


Hauling Rocks

 15 Aug 20:

Boatyard improvement, had to make a parking pad for Skippers Land Yacht, so we pressed SUPER GUMBY into service hauling bags of drainage gravel on CYANE's trailer, with ONKAHYE's old deck boards laid down as a trailer bed. It was a good first test for the Outback's new hitch, she towed about 1000 pounds per run, and made 6 trips. Trailer towed great, acceleration was zoom zoom.

I'd like a dedicated utility trailer but these other trailers have been hauling the mail. Saves us on maintenance, registration fees and finding a place to park a 5th trailer :)

SUPER POKEY is happy with her new pad. And we finally have a carriage for the Carriage House.