Tool Trolley

I made a tool trolley to follow me around the boat, nowhere to lay multiple tools and materials while we fit, trimmed, planed, rasped, chiseled, sanded, glued and screwed planks. Too much time was being wasted going to and from the work table, especially when I had to walk around to the other side of the boat. Hand tools on top, power tools on the bottom with box o screws. It's version 1.0 and I will probably make another one using solid 1x4s vs plywood legs and attach a power strip to the side. I named it "Shadow."

1x4 legs, (actually 3/4 inch plywood on this build). 3/4 inch plywood trays. 6 inch wheels from Lowes. Deck screw fasteners. Measures approx 24 inches by 30 inches. I made it so that the chop saw could sit in the top tray and be level with our 30 inch high work table. And the saw could be stored on the bottom shelf. But it turns out to be too handy as a tool trolley on its own that I will make a different mobile table for the chop saw.

Port and Starboard! And we added a workbench made from leftover lumber, marine grade plywood and pressure treated 2x4s. Not the largest bench ever, but still room to pull a car or boat into the shop.

Bench is 5 feet long, 36 inches tall and 30 inches deep. Think kitchen counter size.

27 Feb 19:

We like to cut outside so we set up a trolley to carry the saws. The top is set so that the chop saw table is the same height as the infeed and outfeed tables. The bottom shelf has a regular circular saw, 4 1/2 inch left handed circular saw, cordless and corded reciprocating saw.

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