Marine Traffic Control Board

07 Jan 18:

We wanted a way to keep track of which boats had sat the longest and needed to go kayaking/canoeing/sailing/motorboating/standuppaddling or needed maintenance/restoration. So we cut up some redwood and made a Marine Traffic Control strip board. The boats listed above SBR need work before they go back in the water, and of those listed the one at the top has sat the longest. The boat at the very bottom is the one that went out the most recent, so whatever rises to the top below the SBR strip goes out next.

Some would say we are "boat struck."

08 Jan 18:

Change Update: SBR strip removed, boats at bottom are in the restoration queue. Boat at top has been out most recent. Boat at bottom has been in the Shack or Carriage House the longest, possibly decades in the case of CHIP, SMEDLEY and ZSA ZSA.
Added 2017 Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES in May 2017.
Added 1979 Drascombe Dabber VICTORY and 1965 Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY in November 2017.
Returned BARBASHELA to Beauvoir Museum.
VIPER out for sea trials with new owner on 06 Jan 2018.

03 Apr 18:

Updated the Marine Traffic Control Board, used to keep track of which boat has sat the longest, dropped to the bottom of the board and needs to go out.

WILLOW, LEWIS, CLARK and SCOUT got to splash today. PHOENIX due for sea trials.

Family Boats
Name/Year/Boat/ Year Acquired
ONKAHYE 1980 Drascombe Lugger 1982
WAVE 1965 Alcort Sunfish 1994
PHOENIX 1982 AMF Sunfish 1994
MADISON 1982 AMF Sunfish 2000
CYANE 1971 O'Day Daysailer 2000
SCOUT Grumman 17 2011
LEWIS 2011 Pelican 10 2011
PINKY 2012 KM SUP 2012
CLARK 2013 Pelican 10 2013
ZIP 1953 wooden Alcort Sunfish 2013
WILLOW 1959 Sorg 15 2014
WINNIE 1955 Alcort Sailfish 2016
ST JACQUES 2017 Penobscot 14 2017

Restoration Queue
VICTORY 1979 Drascombe Dabber 2017
SMEDLEY 1969 Alcort Catfish 2017
CHIP 1965 wooden Alcort Sunfish 2013
ZSA ZSA 1960 Alcort Super Sailfish 2013

Nov 2017 - Aug May 2018:

We found a 1979 Drascombe Dabber and restored her, named her VICTORY. She was a fun little boat and found new Skippers in North Carolina.

31 May 18:

Our little Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY finished and out for Sea Trials.

09 Aug 18:

Sugar off to new owners! She was called SUGAR 2 at first but she got a different paint scheme and we shortened her name to SUGAR.

07 Apr 19:

BOOMER was found locally and we repainted her in US Navy VT-27 Training Squadron colors. We called her SUGAR 2 for a bit but she got a different paint scheme than Capn Jack's S-2F scheme. She has a new Skipper in Alabama. I think Skipper is secretly storing boats all around the country...

03 May 19:

The boat that has been on the hard the longest is at the bottom, once it goes out its strip goes to the top. The upside down boats are down for maintenance, or being built.

28 Jun 19:

The Pelican 10 kayaks went out a few days back, SACAGAWEA (formerly LEWIS) and CLARK, so we updated the Marine Traffic Control Board, our tracking device.

29 Jun 19:

30 Jun 19:

SCOUT went out for a paddle, light winds, hot.

05 Jul 19:

SACAGAWEA and CLARK went out, then SCOUT went out for Sea Trials for the yawl rig.

17 Mar 20:

We reviewed some plans that will help develop scantlings for the Pascagoula Catboat MARGARET ROSE.

11 Jul 20:

Working our way through the Armada

 30 Apr 21:

We are over halfway through the Armada Change of Station from the Gulf Squadron to the Atlantic Squadron. The boats below the blank strip on the Marine Traffic Control board have made the move,  there are a few boats left. One boat, CHIP, will venture Northwest to Pt Townsend, Washington to be the Flagship of the Pacific Squadron. More on that as her move progresses, right now she is undergoing phased maintenance and is coming out of the paint shop.

ONKAHYE has returned from Eddie English Boatrailer where she got new bearings, radial tires, LED guide post lights and a safety chain. WILLOW is ready and her trailer is getting new guide post lights right now. CHIP and WAVE are patiently waiting. 

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