Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunfish Rudder Assembly

30 Jul 18:

Rudder Parts R Us. So when you get a used "new style" Sunfish rudder shipped to you, it might show up like this, to minimize size of packing box. The "new style" started showing up on boats around 1971.

There will be a rudder, tiller, tiller extension maybe, and L-R tiller straps, tiller extension bolt, rudder pin, tiller bolt, rudder springs, and the big part is the rudder cheek with cheek bolt.

There is a plastic bushing that goes between the rudder cheek and the rudder, best to tape it down to keep it centered over the bolt hole.

Spring pin installed with rudder springs. There are bushings under the tiller straps as well. Note the round hole on the forward edge of the blade, that is a dowel inserted cross grain to help prevent grainwise splts caused by stress risers around the fastener holes, and where the tiller strap hits the blade when it is raised. Go easy.

Oh no, some fastener heads are on this side and some are on the other. Better fix that.

We use vise grips to grip the rudder spring and pull it over the rudder pin.

Fastener heads fixed and tiller attached.

Sunfish and Drascombe hardware, mostly, in my Uncle's tacklebox.

Tiller extension has bushings as well.

Tools used for rudder assembly. Mjolnir worked great to tap in the rudder pin, Skipper was like a nervous Mom watching her baby used on something other that grommet tools. It worked great, no tool marks left on the pin and the nylon head was not marked either.

Ready for Test Flight. We had to adjust the gudgeon a bit, the upper arm was bent, probably from being dropped. We used a crescent wrench and gently bent it back down.

Restoration Log of SUGAR 2.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 29 Jul 18 Paint Finished

29 Jul 18:

Final coat of Kirby's Maynard Bray Off White, rolled 100% with a Mighty Max Mini Roller and tipped with a Corona Deck and Trim brush. George Kirby recommended the brush, they also sell them, is had a soft, full head on it and held a lot of paint. The bristles were very flexible and we are very happy with the paint.

She'll be doing loops and rolls soon!

Restoration Log of SUGAR 2.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 26 Jul 18 Kirby Deck Paint

26 Jul 18:

Catching up the blog. Each layer of primer or paint took about a day, so we skipped posting about each coat. Sanded old paint off of SUGAR 2's deck with 120 grit pads on a DeWalt Random Orbital sander. Fixed one more void on the seam with THIXO injected by a syringe then lightly clamped. Then did another leak test, which she passed.

Put a coat of TotalBoat Gleam Satin Varnish on the rudder, tiller and tiller extension.

Sanded, leak tested, ready for tape, primer and paint.

Removed the bridle eyestraps, took out one screw at a time, swiveled the eyestrap out of the way, reinserted screw, then took out other screw. This helps ensure that the wood backer block inside does not drop off. The blocks are glued and fiberglassed into position, but 40 years later they can come loose. Sometimes excess expanding foam holds them in place.

Taped off the bow and stern and brushed on Kirby Primer tinted with #4 Orange with a short handled sash brush. 2 coats.

2 coats of Kirby's #4 Orange, it went on smooth with a brush, 100% in 90F temp. Color is awesome and so is Kirby's Tech Support, George answers the phone!

Skipper peeled the tape!

Removed the cockpit trim, 1/8 inch drill bit to drill out the head of the rivet. A wide, flat screw driver is handy to tap the trim loose. Sometimes a remnant of the rivet is stuck in the fiberglass, like you see on the far left of the photo, we used an awl and hammer to tap that piece out.

We've enjoyed using the Kirby Paint. They have been making paint since 1846 and custom mix the colors. It has been easy to use, levels well and the colors pop on this boat.

Before we did the deck we sprayed the perimeter and cubby of the cockpit with light gray Rust-Oleum, it was east to reach far corners with the spray. On the non-skid portion we brushed on Kirby #25 Light Gray.

Kirby White Primer on the mid deck then first coat of Kirby's Maynard Bray Off White. Primer brushed and then lightly sanded with 120 grit. Paint rolled with a Mighty Mini roller and tipped with a Corona Deck and Trim brush. Very happy with the results!

Applied the US Navy Fixed Wing Flight Training Squadron 27 (VT-27) markings.

Restoration Log of SUGAR 2.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 18 Jul 18 Leak Test and Deck Primer

18 Jul 18:

Skipper's idea, I had nothing to do with it. We padded the line with towels this time to prevent rubs on the soft paint.

She is getting good at doing rolls in Skipper's flipper cradle.

We filled the last seam void with Jamestown Distributors' TotalBoat THIXO, it was easy to just dispense it right into the syringe. #totalboat

Air leak test for the seam repair, passed with flying colors. The Porter Cable cordless wet/dry vac puts out plenty of air.

Sanded the last of the paint off of the deck with 120 grit.

Removed the bow handle and sanded the fairing compound around the bow handle screw holes. Someone added an extra set of holes at one point with plastic anchors, we removed those and filled the incorrect holes.

Removed the bridle eyestraps in prep for paint. The trick here is to only remove one screw at a time so the internal backer bock doesn't drop off.

Screws to make sure the internal backer block does not fall off.

Put another coat of TotalBoat Gleam Satin varnish on the mahogany rudder, tiller and tiller extension. #totalboat

Kirby Primer tinted with #4 Orange on the bow and stern. Applied 100%, with a soft brush, thicker than I'm used to but George let me know his paints are thicker than I'm used to. Looks to be leveling just fine.

SUGAR 2 checking the 10 day forecast, pondering Sea Trials.

Log of SUGAR 2.

Monday, July 16, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 16 Jul 18 Hull Paint

16 Jul 18:

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 bottom is finished, 4th coat of Rust-Oleum sprayed, we bumped it up to Gloss White to compete with the Kirby #4 Orange.

Log of SUGAR 2.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 14 Jul 18 Seam Repair

14 Jul 18:

Repaired a seam split with TotalBoat THIXO, light clamping. Used a syringe to inject it into the tight spots, and the mixing tip for the center void.

Sanded off the grass bits with 120 grit.

Sprayed 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Semi Gloss White.

Log of Sugar 2.