Friday, May 7, 2021

Sunfish Utility Trailer

 07 May 21:

We have a 5x10 Carry On utility trailer and were curious if it could carry a Sunfish on a dolly? We know that it can carry Sunfish with the ramp folded down, no dolly, and minimal modification. We used it last year to recover a hurricane damaged Sunfish. Using a utility trailer to carry Sunfish or other boats has appeal because other adventure gear could be carried as well, such as bikes, coolers, chairs, etc...

Ideally we could lower a ramp and roll the dolly and Sunfish up the ramp, which we were able to do with sufficient side to side clearance. But in order to close the ramp, the Sunfish and dolly protrude too far forward.

If we push the dolly back far enough to get clearance from the tow vehicle, the stern sticks out about 2 feet and interferes with ramp closure. 

One idea is to remove that ramp and use 2 Carry On ramps. But then those ramps would need to be stored somewhere. 

Or to make a modified ramp, like a bobtail.

The utility trailer could be further modified to carry more Sunfish, canoe, kayak etc...

Comments appreciated.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

ALCORT INC. Advertising 1960s

30 Apr 21: 

We collect all things Alcort and acquired these 1960s advertising bits recently.

1963. Wooden and fiberglass Sailfish and Sunfish were available, both factory built and in knock down kits.

Our 1963 Super Sailfish MKII (fiberglass) named SWEETNESS. 

1967. Seems the Catfish is part of the lineup now, Alcort's first catamaran. Note how high the rigs are, what we call nowadays "The Geezer Rig."

(L-R) 1953 wooden Alcort Sailfish 14 Deluxe, later called the Super Sailfish and 1963 wooden Alcort Sunfish CHIP. Both were factory built.

Here is our Catfish SMEDLEY, expertly handled by Skipper.

1969. Skipper promises to get me one of those straw hats. AMF appeared on the scene this year and acquired Alcort, and the Catfish disappeared.

1968 Alcort Sunfish ROSE"BUD". She needed some putty and paint.

BUD got spruced up with new deck paint and double double stripes, and a custom sail from Hunter at Schurr Sails Pensacola. Her sister ship is 1981 AMF Sunfish MADISON with another Hunter creation.

Sea Trials for BUD, Skipper trying to splash me.

Flight of two, Skipper is the Section Lead.

Skipper's Bronze Winch

29 Apr 21:

Skipper has a nice bronze winch on ONKAHYE's trailer, she ported it over from ONKAHYE's previous trailer. It was previously used as a centerboard winch on the family's Petrel 16 sailboat and before that on her Grandpa's boat trailer. He was in the Navy in the early 1900s and we wonder if the Navy is missing a winch somewhere?

Eddie added a safety chain to the bow stop frame.

If anyone has any info on this style winch, we'd sure like to hear about it in the comments!

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 29 Apr 21 Finish Coat Interlux Brightside Largo Blue

 29 Apr 21:

Applied 2 coats of Interlux Brightside Largo Blue, thinned 5 percent with 333 Brushing Liquid, with a brush. First coat.

Second coat.

LED Guide Post Lights

 26 Apr 21:

We took ONKAHYE up to Eddie English Boat Trailer in Milton, Florida to get LED guide post lights added, we are going to be hauling ONKAHYE 900 miles and like the idea of extra lights on the back of the trailer. A side benefit is the extra set of guide posts will help guide the boat during launch and recovery. Before the upgrade, the frame mounted trailer lights are tucked low and under the boat.

While we were at Eddie's we took the self guided tour. Skipper considered stealing, er, borrowing the forklift.

Changing of the guard. 

Boat Trailer art, new nature emerging and other items returning to nature.

Box frames on boat trailers, used in salt water, require rapt attention. Low points in the frame need drain holes, because water WILL get in and then it needs a way to get out. Trailers need to be rinsed with fresh water soon after immersion, some folks even carry a yard sprayer full of fresh water to the ramp with them. The scary part about box frames is that when a rust spot appears, it is usually emerging from the inside of the frame and there is much more corrosion inside the frame. 

29 Apr 21:

Hopefully this will get folks' attention.

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 26 Apr 21 Interlux Brightside Largo Blue

 26 Apr 21:

Brushed on a finish coat of Interlux Brightside Largo Blue, thinned 5 percent.

Out in the Florida sun for solar baking.

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 25 Apr 21 Deck Primer

25 Apr 21:

Scuffed CHIP's deck with 120 grit on a DeWALT Random Orbital Sander in prep for primer coat of TotalBoat Topside Primer and finish coats of TotalBoat WetEdge Blue Glo White.

Rolled the primer as thin as we could.

First coat of Blue Glo White.

Log of CHIP.

Boat Cover - Drascombe Lugger

24 Apr 21:

Skipper's 1980 Drascombe Lugger is due for a new cover, she made the old cover in 1996 and while it still works as a nice dust cover in the garage, it has over 5000 miles on it and is getting a little too worn for trailering. We will use it to pattern the new cover.

Among other campaigns, the cover went through Hurricane Nora in Yuma, Arizona of all places.

We had some Sunbrella slated for duty on our 13 foot catamaran, but it went into a PODS storage container for the Armada redeployment. So ONKAHYE pirated the fabric for her use. Skipper laid the Sunbrella out over ONKAHYE's old cover to do her seamstress math and determine if there was enough total fabric to craft a new Lugger cover. There was about 12 yards, 60 inches wide each, we cut the long panel in half, and seamed those 2 panels down the middle with one straight stitch and then one zig zag stitch. The bow piece will be cut from the outer edge scraps.

The aft end of the cover is draped over the transom far enough to account for seams and a drawstring pocket. A small section will be cut from the scraps and added to the bow.

Skipper adjusted the thread tension and presser foot tension on her Sailrite LSZ-1 from leather use to Sunbrella use, leather requires a lot more tension to draw the the spool and bobbin thread through evenly. The needle gets changed out also to a V18 or V20 needle, it has a different tip shape than a leather needle.

25 Apr 21:

Measuring for a drawstring pocket, we'll add 6 inches below the desired bottom edge to account for seams and the pocket.

The transom will get a couple of darts to gather the loose material.

We found the bottom of the top strake, marked that with chalk, and then marked 6 more inches past the first mark for seam and drawstring pocket allowance.

Folded the cover in half to mark the cut line.

I made little chalk marks at 6 inches and Skipper cut along behind me.

We used the scraps to make the cover long enough to cover the bow, placed the loose fit cover on the boat, marked the bow angle and stitched the bow.