Alcort Wooden Sunfish 2020

19 May 20: The wooden Sunfish was introduced by ALCORT Sailboats, INC. around 1953, factory boats and kits were built until the late 1960s. We have been given permission to develop plans and drawings for the hull, and to build a replica from Laser Performance (LP), who owns the trademark to the Sunfish name and logo. LP builds the modern day fiberglass Sunfish, with over 400,000 built to date by ALCORT, AMF, Loveless and DeGarmo, Pearson and Vanguard. 1953 ALCORT Sunfish ZIP and Skipper, 2013.
Plans will be developed along the lines of the ALCORT Super Sailfish plans, which are available in the SunfishSailor
We took a lot of measurements from our two wooden Sunfish ZIP and CHIP during their restorations, and finally sat down to put mechanical pencil to graph paper.

20 May 20:
We are developing plans and patterns for the original wooden Sunfish hull, using the plans for the ALCORT Super Sailfish as a guide. 

Should be an interesting experience!

31 May 20:

While ZIP was in for repair we pulled full size patterns for the deck. Used pattern plywood. be continued... 

Sunfish name and logo trademark by Laser Performance 


  1. This is wonderful. Are there any plans to produce kits as well?

    1. We'll work on plans, patterns and builder's guide. Not sure if kits would be economical on a one off basis, that's one thing we'll be figuring out is materials cost.