Thursday, June 10, 2021

Sunfish Rigging and Parts Names

 03 May 21:

Those new to Sunfishing may find the following photos helpful in rigging their Sunfish, with names of the parts.

We start rigging the boat by running the halyard through the top of the mast.

Next we put the base of the mast through the gooseneck (boom ring) with the sail on the port (left) side of the boat. 

One end of the halyard runs through the halyard block (pulley).  The other end is tied to the upper spar.

The halyard is pulled down to raise the sail.

It helps to lift the boom (lower spar) while raising the sail.

The halyard is run around the halyard cleat.

And the looped back under itself to tie off the halyard.

We coil the excess line and tuck it under itself.

The forward end of the sheet, a control line attached to the boom (lower spar) runs through a fairlead, through the swivel cam cleat and then a Figure 8 knot is tied

Some early Sunfish have a simple open fairlead, also called a sheet hook.

The aft end of the sheet clips or tires to the line on the stern (aft end) called a bridle.

This is the rudder used to steer the boat. The long stick is called a tiller.

The straight board is called a daggerboard.

The tiller slides under the bridle.

The rudder attaches by pushing down the pintle and spring, then sliding the pintle into the notches on the gudgeon ( bracket on stern of boat).

The daggerboard goes through the slot in front of the cockpit. It has a line attached to it so that it does not float away after a capsize.

The bow is the front of the boat and we tie a bow line to the handle with a bowline knot.

Your Sunfish is now rigged and ready.

Fair winds!
Skipper and Clark

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