Thursday, July 12, 2018

1978 AMF Sunfish SUGAR 2 12 Jul 18 Big Oops

12 Jul 18:

Problems in Production. We decided to paint the bottom middle section of SUGAR 2 about 10 days ago to cover the various fiberglass repair areas, selected a top notch grade of Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss White spray paint. Sprayed on 2 1/2 cans and it looked FANTASTIC. Then it started to sprinkle, so I decided to roll the work dolly back inside the Carriage House. I have a line tied to the dolly and can roll it off the deck, swing around the ramp and pull it up into the shop. Well I swung a little fast and the boat slid off of the dolly, onto the side, teetered for a dramatic pause then rolled onto its bottom in the fresh cut grass and pine needles. I swear it wiggled around a for a bit like a lab puppy in something smelly before coming to final rest. I was speechless for about 3 minutes, said a few salty words and finally figured out a way to get SUGAR 2 back up on the dolly with help of Skipper and the team without getting us all covered in freshly painted grass. We picked off the pine needles and some of the grass, but it will have to dry so I can sand it again. Stay tuned :)

This is after the pine needles were picked off. Skipper pointed out that I got paint on her grass.

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