Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Boat Trailer Chocks

24 Feb 21:

There is nothing more salty in trailer sailing than making some trailer chocks. Using Capn Jack's time honored method we made a few extra chocks from scrap 2x4 pressure treated lumber and spare bits of line. We use a 1 inch spade bit to drill out a space to bury the chock line knot underneath, and another smaller hole for the line to pass through, as big or bigger than the line diameter. Then we paint the chocks a visible color so they don't become trip hazards.

If we shave a little off the top edge that faces the tire, then the chocks become "handed," there is a left hand chock and a right hand chock. You might note that the video ends abruptly, when I noticed that I had drilled the hole for a couple of chocks on the wrong end. Easy to drill a few more holes :)

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